EVENT: Next Action at Twelve Acre Approach

12:00 Sunday 04 June 2017

Round 3 of the SPARK League is the next race meeting at Kesgrave and will take place at 12:00 on Sunday 04 June 2017.



14:00 Sunday 04 June 2017

The South East Division 1 and 2 events against Great Blakenham will be follow the SPARK League at 14:00.


2016 East Anglian Championship

Great turn out at the East Anglian championships, lots of racing with some catergories involving 7 races and some people had entered more than one catergory, so quite a work out.  Brilliant performance by the Panthers who dominated the U8 and U10 groups and two of the top three in the U13 and vets.


2016 East Anglian Photos now available

Panthers in Local Press

Due to the Kesgrave Panther’s success in the recent British Team Competitions they were honoured with the front page of the local In Touch Magazine. This is distributed to every house within the club’s main catchment area of Kesgarve and Rushmere.

Included was  a report inside and mention of the successful Monday club night training sessions, open to all new comers.

In another freely distributed local magazine – “Kesgrave News” (that also has an online version) there was a nice feature on page 19 of the July edition. It can be seen here: http://www.kesgravenews.org.uk/

The article mentioned that the Panthers had held the Under 10 team title for 7 consecutive years and also retained the Under 13 title. Also that the veterans team reaching their final as well.

The Under 10 team British event has been a highlight of the clubs success over recent years and has been something that many of the new youngsters starting out in the sport have been inspired by.


in touch front pagein touch write up

BYJL National Round 1

Only a few Panthers travelled upto Leicester for the first round of the National stage; Kesgrave and Ipswich qualifying from the Eastern region.

Well done to Magnus (3rd) and Ollie (1st) for getting trophies in the U8 and U12 catergories.


Photos now available

2016 Suffolk Champ, League and SE GP Rd 5

Been a very busy calendar over the last few days.  Big turn out for the Suffolk Individual Championships, 11 events at our home track, typical British summers day of sunshine and torrential rain.  Well done to all the riders, good to see that Panthers girls doing so well in the U10, hopefully next year we can get a few more in the older events.

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Photos from recent meetings below

2016 Suffolk Individual Championships

2016 Suffolk League Team @ Kesgrave – Zak and Ben’s crash 😦

2016 Kesgrave Club Championships round 2 including British Team U10 / u13 photo

2016 SE GP Round 5 @ Spixworth


Team photo and U13 video

At the club competition had the chance to get a photo of the U10 and U13 British Team Champions – will have to photoshop in Tommy and Zak in later 🙂


Video of the U13 final now on the 3318news site

P.S. Great to see the site had 124 unqiue visitors and almost 4,000 views in the last week

Amazing weekend at the British Team Championships

In a word Awesome – only a small team of Panthers travelled to sunny Wolverhampton (not normally something you hear in the same sentence) but they certainly delivered.  All the teams got to the finals and we retained our U10 and U13 titles.

team join

Brilliant performance from all the teams; in the over 40s you could tell the other teams were very wary of a 2nd Kesgrave win so rode very defensively, the U10 was very close but Charlie Beaton was superb to win the run off (a mature / quality ride) and the experienced U13 team dominated the heats and the final. To drop only one point in the first round of the event from gate 4 is incredible – I think this really shook up the competition.  Great team ride and special mention to Lewis and Jake who both secured maximum points.

Now that sadly there will be no longer an U10 competition, it does mean that our 2016 team of Charlie Beaton, Noah Woodhouse, Tommy Rope, Charlie Parr and Lucas Woodhouse will be reigning British champions for ever!!

Been busy with loads of photos, please click on the links for 2016 Under 10 Champions photos, 2016 Over 40 Finalists photos and 2016 Under 13 Champions photos Enjoy.

Well done to our friends at Ipswich Speedway for putting out such a comprehensive team that covered all the team events and are worthy winners of the overal team cup.

2016 Fixtures on website

The full list of fixtures now available

2016 session training

Its time for all membership forms to be returned to Sarah so can you please do so over the next couple of weeks.

Also a reminder that if you want to race then you will need to get a racing licence so please check your one is up to date and renew if necessary. If you are new and dont know how then please come and see Sarah or i in the tuck shop and we will give you the forms.

For those that attended our AGM then you will be aware that we will need the tuck shop to be covered on a monday evening and plan to do this on a rota basis. Sarah will bring the rota along next week so please add your name to it if you can help out.

I was also asked today where you can get shirts from so I have added the link to this website so you can purchase shirts. www.sportsclass.com/Kesgrave

Starting on Monday 21st March from 6.15pm to 7.45pm is Under 10 and new riders. (please note that if the end time is too late then feel free to take your child home early but please let Peter (trainer) know that you are doing this)

Starting on Tuesday 22nd March from 6.15pm to 7.30pm is Under 11 to Under 16 riders. (younger riders are by invite only). From 7.30pm to 8.30pm is senior training and is for those racing in senior division 1 & 2. Anybody not racing in these 2 teams is again by invite only.

Please ask if you are unsure what your child should be doing ?

Also please note that if you cannot do your scheduled day then it is ok for riders to do the other day, however please let me know if this is the case.

Any problems please let me know ?


2015 East Anglian

Another great performance from the Panthers; clean sweep in the Under 10 with Archie, Noah and Charlie P doing the honours, Lewis and Jake coming 1st and 2nd in the Under 13 and Lewis getting 3rd in the Under 16.

Photos now available