Cycle Speedway Game

A game of chance based on cycle speedway for 4 or more players.

This fun game is extremely simple and highly entertaining. It can be played at home or between homes using FaceTime, Zoom or similar.


As with cycle speedway, the object of the game is to score the most points or to win the A final, depending on which formula is chosen.


1. Decide on an appropriate INDIVIDUAL formula, depending on the number of players.
INDIVIDUAL formula for four players and above are available from here

2. Enter the riders/players onto the formula.

3. Beginning with heat 1, the player on Gate 1 rolls a die first, followed by the player on gate two until all four players have rolled.

4. The player who rolls the highest number wins the heat and gets the four points for first place. The player who rolls the second highest number gets three points for second and so on.

5. However, if, during a heat, two or more players roll the same number, they are deemed to have collided and will always finish BEHIND any players with unique numbers. The players who have collided need to roll again to determine their finishing positions.

e.g. if Gate 1 rolls: 4
Gate 2 rolls: 3
Gate 3 rolls: 1
Gate 4 rolls: 4

First place (and four points) is Gate 2 (Having the highest unique number).

Second place (and 3 points) is Gate 3 (as Gates 1 & 4 have collided).
Gates 1 and 4 roll again until they do not collide, the higher number getting third place (and 2 points).

6. Continue to the next heat.


Try using a TEAM formula
Try a formula with Finals
Incorporate exclusions for collisions

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