Complaints Procedure

Kesgrave Panthers Cycle Speedway Club has worked hard to foster an ‘open door’ policy and it is hoped that any problem can be dealt with swiftly to a satisfactory conclusion for all concerned.

It is therefore of utmost importance that if there should be a problem that occurs, then it can be dealt with through effective communication:- Either rider to coach, parent to coach, parent to parent etc.

The club, suggest that, should a matter arise, the following steps are followed in order, until a satisfactory conclusion has been reached:-

  1. Rider communicates to a team coach or committee member as soon as an issue arises. 
  2. Parents communicate with a member of the committee as soon as possible, informing them what has taken place. As a result of this discussion it may be felt that the parent contacts the other parents involved or that this communication to the other parent(s) is done by a member of the committee. The team management will ensure that the matter is brought to the attention of all other adults involved in team affairs
  3. Parents contact the Club Secretary or the Club Child Welfare Officer. This can be done verbally or by email.

The report should include:

  1. Details of what, when, and where the incident took place
  2. Any potential witness names
  3. A preference for a solution to the incident

The club’s committee will sit for any hearings that are requested

The club’s committee will have the power to:

i) Warn as to future conduct

ii) Suspend from membership

iii) Remove from membership 

any person found to have broken the club’s policies or codes of conduct.

If the complaint is directed towards the club’s committee, the member has the right to report the discrimination directly to the Secretary of the British Cycling Governing body. Please see: