Child Welfare

Kesgrave Panthers Cycle Speedway Club (KPCSC) is committed to creating and maintaining the safest possible environment for children and young people to participate in the sport of cycle speedway.

We do this by:

  • Recognising that all children have the right to freedom from abuse and harm
  • Ensuring that all our committee members, parents and volunteers are carefully selected and vetted, have the relevant qualifications and experience, and accept responsibility for helping to prevent the abuse of children in their care
  • Responding quickly and appropriately to all suspicions or allegations of abuse
  • Providing parents/carers, children and young people with the opportunity to voice any concerns they may have
  • Adopting disciplinary measures and sanctions which are non-violent and do not impose humiliation
  • Appointing a Child Welfare Officer who takes specific responsibility for children’s and young people’s protection, safety and well-being
  • Reviewing the effectiveness of the Club’s Child Protection Policy and Procedures
  • Working with external agencies, for example, (British Cycling) governing body, Children’s Social Services, police, to ensure, as far as is possible, that children and young people are protected
  • Not tolerating bullying. Incidents of bullying will be investigated and treated seriously. Action will be taken to stop the bullying.

For more on the British Cycling Safeguarding Children policy, please see the link in Ref 1 below.

Child Welfare Officer: Rachel Jolly e-mail


[1] British Cycling safeguarding children