Kesgrave’s Girls Of 2017

Introduced in 2016, the Kesgrave Panthers Cycle Speedway Club’s SPARK League has been hugely popular and, having been denied in last year’s final round, the girls were crowned as champions in 2017.

We are very pleased that the number of girls at the club is steadily increasing and that they have bonded into a tight-knit group known, in the SPARK League, as the Jaguars.

The SPARK League is contested by five teams and it has been a highlight of the year watching the girls’ development, team spirit and camaraderie as they dominated the SPARK League from start to finish.

Jaguars team collecting their individual trophies for winning the SPARK League

Back row: (left to right) Tallulah, Lily, Phoebe, Ella, Daisy  Front row: (left to right) Erin, Amberley, Hettie, Jess, Lily

There have been twelve girls who have contributed to the success of the Jaguars in 2017:


Phoebe (team captain) has been riding for a number of years but took a break from cycle speedway in 2016. She returned with a vengeance in 2017 to lead the Jaguars to success. In 2017 Phoebe has become the Suffolk U13 Girls Individual Champion and the winner of the Kesgrave Girls Club Championships; she has also competed in the 2017 British Youth & Junior League.




Lily has been involved in cycle speedway since 2014 and has had a particularly successful 2017. Lily was victorious in the Suffolk U10 Girls Individual Championship and runner-up in the U8 East Anglian Individual Championship. Arguably her finest achievement though, was a podium finish in the British Individual Girls U10 Championship at Leicester. Lily has also competed in all the U8 national Cycle Speedway Little League rounds finishing a creditable fifth overall.



Tallulah began racing in 2015 with 2017 being her most successful season to date. It is nice to see Tallulah getting some reward for her efforts as she finished third in the 2017 Suffolk U10 Girls Individual Championships.  We suspect this success may well be followed by others in 2018.



Daisy began racing in 2015 and is a solidly consistent racer and has shown a marked improvement in performance over the latter part of 2017. Daisy was runner-up to Phoebe in this year’s Kesgrave Girls Club Championships and received the trophy for being the 2017 SPARK League’s best gater.




Amberley is new to cycle speedway, only joining the club in late summer but has good speed and has learnt track awareness very quickly. We have high hopes for Amberley in the future.




Ella only began racing midway through 2017 but it is obvious that she has the talent to do well. It will be interesting to see Ella’s progress in 2018 when she could surprise a few more established riders.



Hettie is another newcomer to cycle speedway and has only been riding for a few months. She has shown promise and has made a valuable contribution to the Jaguars’ success.




This is Erin‘s first full season of cycle speedway and she has progressed well. She is a delight to have at Kesgrave Panthers and is a regular participant at Twelve Acre Approach events. Erin has also begun to venture further afield by racing at the Great Blakenham track.



Jess is also new to cycle speedway but shows a good turn of pace. She has raced well, scored valuable points and gelled well within the team.




This is Lily‘s second season in cycle speedway and is improving all the time. She finished as runner-up in the 2017 Suffolk U10 Girls Individual Championship and also won the trophy for producing the best overtaking moves during the SPARK League season. Lily has also taken her first steps away from the region by racing at Ross Mee’s Invitational event at East Park in September.

Other girls who have scored points for the Jaguars in 2017:


Honey began racing in 2017 and showed real potential scoring good points for the Jaguars but, sadly, we have not seen Honey at the track during the latter part of 2017.



With the SPARK League already won at the penultimate round, and with permission, Great Blakenham’s Mya made a guest appearance for the Jaguars at the final round of the SPARK League series.



(Left to right) Mya, Ella, Tallulah, Lily, Erin, Jess, Hettie, Daisy, Lily, Phoebe

Other girls at Kesgrave:

Adding to Kesgrave’s strength in depth are two girls who did not compete in this year’s SPARK League but who are nonetheless very much part of the Kesgrave family, Lily and Evie.


Lily joined Kesgrave Panthers during the summer and has approached cycle speedway with great enthusiasm. She has already raced away from Kesgrave at Great Blakenham and we look forward with anticipation to see her progression in 2018.




Evie has been racing in cycle speedway for a number of years. By her standards she has had a relatively quiet year, in terms of cycle speedway involvement, but did finish third in the Kesgrave Girls Club Championships behind Phoebe and Daisy.



Welcome Back Aimee:

One of Kesgrave’s favourites, Aimee, left cycle speedway at the end of 2015 due to other committments but we were extremely pleased to give her a warm welcome back to the club towards the end of 2017. We very much hope that the hugely popular Aimee becomes a regular at the club again in 2018.



It has been a delight to see the developing friendships and the good natured but competitive racing displayed by the girls this year. They have connected in a special way that can only be good for the sport, Kesgrave Panthers and, in particular, the girls themselves.

We are very proud of our girls and look forward to supporting them and overseeing their progress in the years to come.